Book 2, The Untold Story: Shadows, Siblings & Suicide, picks up the story 10 years later. The Callahan family goes by the name Jones in public, but their real lives are hidden from the world. The wrongs of their past follow them to destroy the present. Insanity, suicide, and murder shape the future of those strong enough to survive!
​​​Read about the Callahan Family, Forced into hiding. Find out who is trying to wipe out the entire family in order to take control of the empire they spent decades building. Hidden treasure, a secret hatch discovered, and yesterday's crimes shape the tomorrows of this family.

​​​​"The box, hidden away for decades in their childhood home, buried for years before that, held the secrets of their family. Secrets important enough to con­ceal forever, important enough to kill for, important enough to die for. Will these secrets, once revealed, help or destroy the remaining members of the Callahan family? "

New Release

Meet Author Ruthie Shelton. 
Welcome to Ruthie is an Author native to Jacksonville Florida. Her first book "Inside the Shelton Gang-One Daughter's Discovery"  is a real life account of the trials and tribulations that the Sheltons endured dating all the way back to prohibition. Follow Ruthie's "journey of discovery" as she learns the true identity of the man who raised her, the man she called "Pop" and how this knowledge changed her life...forever.

New Release

When a Father's wall of secrets begins to crumble a family's lost heritage of violence erupts from the front pages of history. For daughter Ruthie it's a discovery that will forever change her life as she learns what it meant to be a Shelton during the days of Prohibition and the decades following, to be a member of a crime family that rivaled Al Capone's for control of Illinois"

-Excerpt from the book
Inside The Shelton Gang :One Daughter's Discovery