In Book 1 of The Untold Story Series you were introduced to the Callahan family, who were once considered to be the most influential, violent, and prosperous crime organization in the Midwest.

Book 2, The Untold Story: Shadows, Siblings & Suicide, picks up the story 10 years later. The Callahan family goes by the name Jones in public, but their real lives are hidden from the world. The wrongs of their past follow them to destroy the present. Insanity, suicide, and murder shape the future of those strong enough to survive!

In Book 3 of the Untold Story Series "The box, hidden away for decades in their childhood home, buried for years before that, held the secrets of their family. Secrets important enough to con­ceal forever, important enough to kill for, important enough to die for. Will these secrets, once revealed, help or destroy the remaining members of the Callahan family? "